Christ Church United FC


Welcome back to CCUFC and Blenheim School. Our primary consideration is to keep you, your families, CCUFC coaches and Blenheim staff safe while giving your children the opportunity to play fun and inclusive football. We have worked with Blenheim, following current Government and The FA guidelines, to assess COVID risk and design our coaching sessions accordingly. There are some changes from last season that we ask you to understand and help with so they become second nature and we can focus on football.


The Football Association has produced a guide to outdoor grassroots football: “COVID-19: Updated Guidance on Indoor and Outdoor Grassroots Football” Most of this is common sense and a football-specific interpretation of the Government’s rules. It is updated from time to time. The current issue is Version 1.4, dated 23 September 2020. Click here to open it. For more information, visit the Surrey FA website here.

If you or your family are quarantining, show symptoms of COVID or have a positive test, please do not attend. If this has occurred since the restart of the season please inform the relevant age-group leader and/or our Child Welfare/COVID Officer, Paul Mady. Contact details are on the CCUFC website: here.

We need to observe the Government’s social distancing rules. In certain situations, adults may be required to wear a facemask so please ensure you bring yours with you. You may also wish to bring your own hand sanitiser.

Please ensure your child has their own bag, hand sanitiser and a pair of gloves that can be used in goal. We are asking all players to avoid touching equipment, including footballs, with their bare hands. Please make sure they bring a drink as sharing is not allowed. Chewing gum is not permitted on the Blenheim site. Your child’s bag, drinks bottle, coat, etc should be marked clearly with their name in case it is left behind.


We have decided against staggered start times given the number of family/sibling groups, so we ask your help in managing arrivals safely. The period leading up to 9am is likely to be very busy. Please look out for pedestrians when driving in the carpark and take care walking across it from your car.

Blenheim is not operating a designated one-way system for pedestrians. The U6/U7 players and coaches will enter and exit the astroturf enclosure via the gate nearest the main road & carpark. The U8 group will enter and exit the astro via the gate midway along the path that leads to the playing field. The U9/U10 and U11/U12 groups will use the same path to access and leave the playing field.

Please keep to your left when walking along the path. At the astro gates, people entering the enclosure, or using the path alongside, should give way to people leaving the enclosure.

There will be sanitiser stations at the gates to the astro and field. Please use these when entering and exiting.

We encourage parents to volunteer as ‘COVID stewards’, helping to ensure that social distancing and hygiene standards are maintained. Tasks may include wiping down equipment before, during and after play and escorting children to the toilets. The COVID stewards will allow the coaches to focus on football activities for the children. If you would like to volunteer as a COVID steward, please tell a coach, or contact us via the website.

Only players, coaches and COVID stewards will be allowed in the astroturf enclosure. This is a requirement imposed by Blenheim. Parents and other family members are welcome to stay and watch. Spectators for the U6/U7 group will stand on the strip of grass next to the path alongside the astro enclosure. Spectators for the U8s will stand on the playing field next to the astro enclosure. The path alongside the astro is a thoroughfare and must be kept clear. Spectators for the U9/U10 and U11/U12 groups are allowed on the grass field.

Please observe social distancing at all times - before and after the session and during drinks breaks. The aim is to have equipment ready for a 9am start to ensure the children can move straight to play and minimise supervision of social distancing.

At every session, a register of attendance will be taken for each age-group, This will cover not only the players but all adults (coaches, COVID stewards and spectators) to satisfy the Government’s ‘test and trace’ requirements. In addition, Blenheim is operating the ‘test and trace QR code’ system and this will be available for you to use if you wish.

On arrival we will have cones set out at 2 metre intervals to help children find a place to put their belongings. Sibling and existing bubbles are fine to share a space. The FA Youth guidelines aim to avoid handling the ball, handshakes, high-fives and other goal celebrations and coaches will work with your children to meet these guidelines whilst still having fun. To help manage teams within groups we will use training bibs. These will be washed between use and children will not share during a session.

We have the exclusive use of one toilet and one wash basin in the school building. A child needing to use the toilet must be accompanied by his/her parent/carer or two other adults. Bear in mind that other clubs and groups use the Blenheim facilities at the same time as us.


The session will end at 10.30am and we need to vacate the astroturf enclosure promptly as it may be booked by other users starting at 10.45am. If this happens our stewards will ask the next users to keep their distance until we have left. Equipment will be sanitised and bibs will be taken away for washing. Please cooperate with and help the coaches and COVID stewards. They will be very busy at the end of the session.

Social distancing still applies! Please exit by the same gate you used to enter and keep left on the path. Please don’t stop to chat and mingle with friends.

CCUFC Management Team