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News update

11 September 2020

In recent weeks, CCUFC has been faced with two separate challenges. One is Covid. The other is a lack of parents volunteering to help run the Club. A week ago, the outlook was bleak. Happily, it’s a lot more promising now, thanks to several parents stepping forward to get involved.


Arrangements for CCUFC’s 2020/21 season need to comply with the Government’s rules and also with guidance issued by the FA aimed at keeping players, parents and coaches as safe as possible. We are currently finalising our ‘Covid Plan’ and related procedures. These will need additional effort and resources – and more parent-volunteers to make the whole thing work. Also, our procedures need to dovetail with those of Blenheim School, our hosts.

Each age-group needs to be limited to about 25 players to comply with the Government's rules and FA guidance. The FA's 'Covid-19 Guidance on Re-starting Outdoor Competitive Grassroots Football' document (published on 18 July) says: "Competitive training can take place for all participants, in an outdoor setting provided this takes place in groups of no more than 30 (including coaches)."

Of course, these rules & guidelines could change if there were to be a Covid 'second wave'. Nothing is set in stone. With kids returning to school last week, causing more mixing between households, there has been speculation about the risk of Covid 'spikes' or even a 'second wave'. As you know, a few days ago, the Government tightened the constraints on social gatherings, although we understand this change will not affect the exemption that applies to ‘outdoors grassroots football’.

One thing is for sure. There will be many more rules for players, parents & coaches to observe at every CCUFC Saturday morning session. These will affect all sorts of things - access to the facilities, the use and cleaning of balls, goals & other equipment, social distancing, hand sanitisation, the use and cleaning of toilet facilities, and much else. We’ll be providing details on all of this before the season starts.


CCUFC is a ‘community’ football club which has been going since 1992. The people who run it are players’ parents and other people who are willing to volunteer their time for a great cause that gives so much fun to so many youngsters.

There are lots of other football clubs in the Epsom area but none of them are a community club quite like CCUFC. Few have been going for nearly 30 years. The key reason CCUFC has survived so long is that parents are willing to get involved, put in some effort to share the load, and create an opportunity for their kids to play football and learn how to become better footballers. If we ever get to the stage where too many parents can’t be bothered to lend a hand and just see the Club as an inexpensive baby-sitting service, it will not be able to continue.

A week ago it looked like we were reaching the end of the road. Happily, thanks to several parent coaches coming forward to take on the responsibility of age-group leadership, the outlook is a lot more rosy. It has also been great to hear from the many parents – mostly mums – who have offered to help with anti-Covid measures (social distancing, hygiene, etc) and we’ll be able to set up a rota system to ensure we have sufficient cover every Saturday. Many thanks to you all.

The plan for this season

It has always been CCUFC’s policy to give priority to the kids who were members the previous season. That’s more important than ever now because each age-group is limited to about 25 players, as explained above. In fact, it’s possible that there won’t be room for new players to join. If your child was not a member last season and you’d like to be added to our wait-list, email the Membership Secretary via the Contact page. Available places will be offered on a strictly first-come-first-served basis.

We have enough parent-volunteers and players to run the following groups:


- School years 1 & 2
- On the half of the astroturf pitch closest to the road
- Unfortunately we won’t be able to take any 5-year-old Reception children this season



- School year 3
- On the half of the astroturf pitch furthest from the road



- School years 4 & 5
- On the grass field


It is unclear whether we’ll be able to run a combined U11/U12 (school years 6 & 7) group but we’re hoping it can happen. Based on the responses to the survey we conducted in early-August, there are enough players who want to return to make such a group viable. However, we need parents to run the group. If you’re willing to volunteer to help, we’d love to hear from you.

We will not be running a group for U13 (school year 8) or above. The survey response told us that too few players of that age were interested in returning for such a group to be viable. Even if there had been enough players, we would need to find a parent-volunteer to take on the leadership role.

Registration arrangements will be finalised by the time we get started. No decision has yet been made about this season’s membership fee but it won’t be higher than last season: £30 for individual membership and £50 for family membership.


Further updates will be posted on this website in the days and weeks to come, so please check it from time to time. You may also receive emails from us. Go to the Contact page if you wish to send us an email.

The CCUFC Facebook page is being monitored but the Club doesn’t have control over everything that is posted on it. Feel free to post your comments and opinions but please use this website as your definitive information source.

CCUFC Management Team

11 September 2020