CCUFC is a ‘community’ football club which has been going since 1992. The people who run it are players’ parents and other people who are willing to volunteer their time for a great cause that gives so much fun to so many youngsters.

There are lots of other football clubs in the Epsom area but none of them are a community club quite like CCUFC. Few have been going for nearly 30 years. The key reason CCUFC has survived so long is that parents are willing to get involved, put in some effort to share the load, and create an opportunity for their kids to play football and learn how to become better footballers. If we ever get to the stage where too many parents can’t be bothered to lend a hand and just see the Club as an inexpensive baby-sitting service, it will not be able to continue.

We are in urgent need of more parental support to run the club's Saturday morning football sessions. Please contact us if you are willing to lend a hand. The need is particularly acute in the younger age groups: if more parents don't volunteer to help, we won't be able to offer football for U6, U7 or U8 kids this season.

If you’d like to get involved as a CCUFC volunteer, please get in touch via the Contact page.